Simply For Life Olive Oil - 1 Litre

Simply For Life Olive Oil - 1 Litre

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Our love of the Mediterranean Lifestyle has led us on a journey to find the best olive oils in the world!

The Source
Located in the Souda region of Chania, Crete, Greece the Olive trees of the “Koroneiki” variety are gathered by Terra Creta. The company has a holistic approach to respect nature, products and consumers and has a deep commitment to the product’s organic and other quality characteristics.

Health Benefits
Cretans consume an average of 3/4- 1cup of Olive Oil per day and have the lowest rates of mortality, heart disease and cancer in comparison to other countries. There has been significant research on the benefits of Olive Oil and protecting the heart.

A good quality olive oil will also:
• Help with weight loss
• Help depression
• Help Inflammation
• Lower blood pressure
• Lower the risk of Diabetes
• Strengthen immune system
• Help deal with constipation